Through our direct delivery system, all customers will be provided with downloads instantly after checking out. please check your email inbox for links, as well as spam folders.


Both midis and loops are 100% royalty free for selling beats online which contain the midi and or loop files on beat selling platforms such as beatstars, airbit, soundclick and etc. . this includes leases and exclusive leases. as for placements with major artists and or major labels, all samples/files must be cleared with us here at aydenprod before seeking profit.


Purchases are final and no refunds may be issued under any circumstances. by purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. the reason we cannot provide refunds is because once a digital good has been sent, it cannot be revoked. if a product is not functioning correctly, please reach out to us at ayden.entreprise@gmail.com or via our contact page.


If For some reason a technical error occurs and you do not receive your kit after your purchase, contact ayden.entreprise@gmail.com with proof of purchase, order #, and kits missing. our products are all digital & sent via email. You should receive an email containing your download links.


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